Friday, March 14, 2008

When TV takes over

I've been meaning to post some stories and photos of our beach getaway and my birthday fete, but sadly, TV shows have invaded my free time. I wish my free time involved sewing and crafts, like the apple above, but it does not. Since I work nights, I'm forced to watch anything pertinent after I get home — which means I fall asleep to Bob from the "Biggest Loser," Nico Riley from "Lipstick Jungle" and Padma Lakshimi from "Top Chef." I have a crush on Bob, to which my husband says, "I think he may be gay." To which I insist, "He's not gay, he's southern."

I will try to bust something out this weekend. Stay tuned and as Conan would say, "Be cool my babies."

1 comment:

missy wiggins said...

i don't know.
bob does sound gay a little AND the southern accent isn't helping.

you know the solution to your problem, right?
get knocked up and quit your job and we can be sewing buddies!