Sunday, October 11, 2009

Four years beotches!

Four years married: almost 10 years together = ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Mama and Daddy (a.k.a. Cindy and David) did it up, Bako-style for our fourth wedding anniversary on Thursday. It was unequivocally Bako because we dined at Red Lobster, which isn't my favorite place in the world. Although I have been known to smuggle out the errant cheddar biscuit in my purse. But the way I see it, special occasions and chain restaurants go together about as good as Obama at a steakhouse. Despite the overly salted food, we enjoyed ourselves. Afterward we saw "Whip It," giggling amid handfuls of Reese's Pieces and Milk Duds. We got a little goofy with the iPhone after the flick. Being away from your parental responsibilities for a couple of hours will do that to ya.

October is THE best month to get married in. Congrats to my fellow October alums: Brock and Melissa and the newly minted Arlene and Guillermo. We're just waiting on Korinna now!


Grammie said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!!! My momma used to tell me, "You'd forget your head, if it wasn't attached".

Missy said...

I guess we started dating our fellows about the same time...
It's hard to even remember those days! Happy anniversary you guys! To many more!

P.S. Iphones are awesome for that very thing!