Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A consumerist's mecca

The Target around the corner from my house opened last week, and I can't tell you how happy this has made me. The hordes descended per usual, but I believe this magical land of useless crap will be less busy than the other store I frequented. But in typical southwest fashion I may have to slalom through pushy rich broads to get a latte at the in-house Starbucks.

The boys and me checked it out on Sunday night. We took pictures because we are mega geeks.

I'm digging the new cart design. Gus' baby carrier fits in the front part and it's easier to push the thing.


Grammie said...

The Target in Roseville remodeled and looks just like that. Same cute "Fisher Price" carts, and same big red spheres in front of the doors. I guess they don't want anyone barrelling down on the front entrance with a car.

Missy said...

All I can say that sums up how I feel about the new target is...
Hells Yes!
Mazzy and I payed a visit to this gem the other evening and I am oficially in love! I bought an avocado at Target dude!