Friday, July 11, 2008

If Milo can have 'em, so can Liam

I haven't really been much for shopping since Liam came along. Oooh, how the thought of skipping through Target or World Market used to perk up my mood ... I still however like a jaunt to the nearest antique shop, but that's about it. Shopping has become somewhat of a chore, like shredding piles of junk mail or scouring the tile in the shower. I'd much rather spend money on my baby than myself. I know, I'm turning into the mom with oily hair who only wears sweatpants. But, as the mother of a lad and not a lassie, I am constantly on the lookout for decent clothes — which are hard to find. Sure, most of Liam's clothes are from Target or Old Navy, but man ... there's a dearth of cute boys clothes out there. What is it with these manufacturers who insist on slapping some cheap-looking sports patch on every T-shirt? Meanwhile, there's a cute girl outfit on every rack. Boys have been neglected for far too long. Aaah, but wait ... this shop-tired mama has discovered the best resource since the baby wipe: the online kids boutique. Yes, they're expensive, but an occasional pair of shorts won't hurt anybody, especially considering mama hasn't bought a pair of shoes in months. (But she's in desperate need of a pedicure.) I recently found these awesome long shorts for Liam that a certain celeb baby has been sporting too.

I bought them slightly big so he could wear them for a while, and they're great for summer because they're so light weight. This is him modeling them in kitchen.

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