Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hippy bullshit or beauty breakthrough?

Two weeks ago I stopped using shampoo and conditioner.

Blasphemy you say? Am I going to the mommy dark side? I am turning all Humboldt and growing dreadlocks? The answer to all of these valid concerns is NO. I've simply started to examine all the shite we use on ourselves in terms of beauty products and the cash we throw down for them. Awhile back, I began to buy organic. Produce, juice, eggs, milk. I'm also trying to cut down on overly processed food, which in my opinion plays into America's problem with obesity. I was jabbering on the other day at work about my organic pursuits when one of my co-workers blurted, "That's hippy bullshit." Is it? I guess my farming ancestors were hippies then. All of those chemicals add up, just look at cancer rates. I watch "Mad Men." I know how marketing in America was born (deception). If choosing to eat an apple that has a few spots on it is hippy, then fire up the patchouli I say.

So back to my life sans shampoo. I actually got the idea here. My hippy shampoo consists of baking soda and apple cider vinegar. And let me just say, I did not enter this lightly. I have thick, dry hair that turns into a tangled mess unless major globs of conditioner are involved. Also, my mother-in-law just gave me some expensive Biolage shampoo she didn't care for. Free fancy shampoo, and I've just turned to vinegar ... figures. I was skeptical of this new concoction at first. But HOLY CRAP, I don't think I'll use shampoo/conditioner again: It passed the comb test. I was able to simply run a comb through my hair afterward. Epiphany, people. Apparently, regular shampoo is just a harsh detergent that strips your hair, thus ensuring the use of conditioner. Sure, shampoo smells really pretty, but it's bad for your hair! I'm serious, even the fancy stuff. I'm also saving money. If you want to try for yourself, just go to the site I've linked to for all the pertinent details like your hair going through a detox, etc.

I use vinegar to clean up the baby's highchair, on countertops, in the bathroom, and now on my hair. During lean times when fruit was a luxury, my granny made vinegar cobbler. It's nature's wonder tonic. We should use it more often. Even if it means being called hippy.


Missy Wiggins said...

Cool beans. I am gonna make a batch today.
I have been using the castile soap from Trader Joe's but too much makes my hair greasy.
This sounds a bit gentler.

I'm okay being hippy if it means my brains aren't soaking in poisons and toxic "beauty" products.

Missy Wiggins said...


Tried it, love it!

Yet one more way to save money and perhaps not get cancer.

Sue said...

Hmmm.....I'm intrugued.

I've tried to stay away from the sodium lauryth sulfates - but it sure adds up.

I will try this and see.