Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tough guy

My little man went to have his blood drawn for the first time on Friday. They called us back, I began to sweat at the thought of blood-curdling screams bouncing off the already-packed little lab. David held him while I tried to diversionary tactics ... he sort of played along until the technician whipped out the rubber tourniquet and begin the process. He watched her with the most concentration I've ever seen him show. He didn't fuss, just watched as she rubbed the inside of his elbow searching for a candidate. At this point, he looks at me ... I'm talking nonsense because I'm scared — they were poking around for a good 10-15 seconds trying to locate a vein. He's still quiet. THEN, just as the blood starts to snake up into the tube, he looks at his arm.

"WTF!!!!!!" A yelp escapes. By bandage time, he was silent again. Here he is at home afterward.

Then he played some hoops with David because we have a basketball hoop and we never use it ... also because it was beautiful out.


missy wiggins said...

poor boy :(
i have some pics of remy curiously inspecting his band aid. seeing tourniquets on babies seems wrong!

Grammie said...

Was he having routine tests? Poor baby, it's so hard to watch that kind of stuff, when they have no idea what's happening to them.

Keely said...

1st, Hello!
2nd, having to see your baby get blood drawn (or an IV) is one of the hardest things about being a parent, I think.
3rd, I can't believe we were sitting across from each other at Dagny's and I didn't introduce myself.