Sunday, February 24, 2008

He's bald, he's shiny and his name starts with O

It's the most wonderful time of year. Yes, it's Oscar time. This holiday ranks up there with Christmas, Fourth of July for me. J'adore le cinema! The Academy Awards makes the Super Bowl look like a re-run of "T.J. Hooker." I have been waiting for this Sunday for weeks. And yet, I haven't seen ANY of the movies. I think this might be a first. I didn't even see "Ratatouille," and I call myself American ... No matter. The glitz, the jewels, the bad Ryan Seacrest interviews (I miss the irreverent Joan Rivers) are all worth it.

This holiday would not do without snacks, per tradition. This year, the boy and myself got what I thought was an early start and headed to Trader Joe's. BIG MISTAKE. Every southwestian decided to show up only to stand in front of the cheese section staring at the muenster for 7 minutes. After slaloming the aisles, we made our way to the checkout where our cashier paid Liam a rather peculiar compliment.

"I like your eye balls," the red head said to my giggly 14-month-old. "Pretty blue."

Did she just say eye balls? Why not just say eyes? That alone was worth schlepping across town.

Snacks were:

Jumbo shrimp and cocktail sauce with a dollop of horseradish
Garlic naan
Sparkling pink lemonade
Jalapeno-stuffed green olives (not shown)
Vegan chocolate chip cookies (not shown)

1 comment:

missy wiggins said...

garlic naan always looks good to me, even when i still don't have properly working taste buds.
and remy gets the "eye ball" thing too.
in fact, i am guilty of saying it.