Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On hiatus

I haven't been up for blogging lately. Obviously. I finally had my surgery. Thank God. Oh, do I have a gruesome photograph to share! Stretch marks and all. And my babies are growing up before my eyes. They need to slow down. The pictures above are merely two stolen moments from the last week. They already look different. For one, I cut August's overgrown bangs today. Poor man was getting a neck crick from having to look up so he could see. Bad mom. What's more, Liam has added new words to his vocabulary like "actually" and "heck." Bad mom.

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Missy said...

When you are all healed and ready for a play date/ robot daance recital, we should plan something. Hope you start feeling better soon. I'm with you on the stolen moments though. I can't believe I don't have babies anymore. They are all kids... :(