Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I did over summer vacation

I haven't updated the blog since early June because I've been struggling with a chronic case of glum. I know, I'm a very bad blogger. It's just that summer is always an unpleasant time for me — the heat, no school, no money ... blah, blah, blah. And to top it off, we moved AGAIN. (I'll talk about this in a later post. There will also be a house tour, not quite Apartment Therapy style, but a tour nonetheless.) But I'm back, for now. The gloomy haze is finally on the retreat. Despite my malaise, tons of stuff has happened. Hopefully, this VERY LONG POST will heal whatever wounds I've inflicted on my four readers. (Sorry, Michael!) I promise new, exciting posts every week from here on out.

He wanted a hammock, but got a painting
David's birthday was in June. What do you get for a guy who has hundreds of CDs, records and books? Money's been tight, so I had to get creative. I've always been the person who gives handmade gifts whenever possible. I love scribbling out odes and poems for my people. But I've given those types of things before. I thought about it for a while, then decided to do something I've never done before — paint. And not just an abstract piece, but a portrait of the birthday-boy himself. I took art in high school, but never attempted anything on this scale. I used acrylic paint on a fairly big canvas. I sketched first, then got to work. I'm not a genius painter by any means, but I'm satisfied with the end result. It's sort of quirky and I like that. The birthday boy was in shock. And I'm sure he loves seeing his head as he walks through the living room every day. Ha! I had so much fun painting. It's my new thing.

Padre party
My sister also celebrated a birthday in June. The big 40. So her friends threw her a surprise bash at the newly renovated Padre Hotel downtown. The rooftop bar was the perfect backdrop for our pomegranate margarita swilling and appetizer nibbling. A random man bought us all a round of drinks later that night. Free drinks and cake. It was fun.

(My mama, my sister, and me. They made my sis wear a pink boa.)

(My drink and a cool clutch.)

(My mama and me. Don't I look like a vato chick at the fair? All I need is bandanna on my head and hoop earrings.)

(My mama in her new threads purchased for the occasion. She looked hot I tell you.)

(I was taking many random pictures throughout the evening.)

(The cake finally appeared.)

(Part of the hotel, looking up from the rooftop bar.)

Amanda's wedding
At the end of June David's sister, Amanda, got married. We traveled to Rocklin, Ca., for the event. Liam and August were the cutest little ring bearers ever. Their outfits were adorable. They had to bribe Liam with cookies to get him down the aisle. The wedding was incredible. Amanda chose vintage china, old knickknacks, candles and delicate flowers for all the tables. It was shabby chic at its finest. Oh, and Amanda looked so beautiful and most of all, happy.

(Liam, Grammy and August walking down the aisle.)

(After the ceremony. August was fascinated by the grass.)

(Liam drinking lemonade.)

Let's go to the beach
We wrapped up summer vacation with a quick day trip to the beach. Had lunch at Brad's in Pismo. August loves fish. Liam? Not so much. Then we headed north to escape the hordes, and ended up in Cayucos. I hadn't been there in years. The kids played in the sand and I of course took way too many pictures. It was there, sitting in the sand watching my beautiful boys bounce around that I decided that being depressed is for the birds. I've been getting better ever since.
(My happy little man.)

(Liam and Daddy racing by the water. It was straight out of Rocky 2.)

(Liam finally ventured into the waves. I've never seen so many smiles.)

(My family silhouetted.)

Stay tuned for more adventures, decorating stories and general randomness ...


Grammie said...

Nice post, been waiting for something new. I've found that blogging can feel like another chore, something else that "has" to be done. I'm pretty sure I have only 2 readers, but they are 2pretty important reader.

Missy said...

FINALLY! Been hoping you would post soon :)
Besides the cruddy blahs of Summer I am glad there were moments of complete and utter awesomeness. That painting is RAD! Never knew you had it in you but with all the creatin' you do I'm not surprised! Sometimes all you need is a beach. Am I right?

P.S. I still need to hit the Padre with you. Still crushed I missed sexy brit night :/