Friday, June 11, 2010

My specs

Liam is quite fond of my new glasses, trying them on every chance he gets proclaiming, "I can't see. I can't see!"

Of course you can't see. You're not semi-blind like mom.

I decided to get the retro frames this time to the dismay of my mother, father, sister and brother. They act as though me being different is anything new.

"Why those glasses? You look like Grandma Vera in those."

"Whatever, Cindy."


I admit, I do look a bit silly/nerdy/stupid wearing them. Oh well.


Liam 'n Augusts NanaSu said...

I personally like that you are different from the rest. It makes you more interesting.

Liam 'n Augusts NanaSu said...

Or maybe it's that I'm weird too? I don't know, haven't quite figured that one out yet! Ha ha!

Missy said...

NO way do you look silly! I like them. In fact when I go back and they tell me how bad my eyes are, I will look for something similar.