Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Sarge is 16

"Do you realize that in 19 years I'll be 80!"

He wanted the candles on his cake to read 16 ...
We ate steak skewers, baked potatoes, simple salad and fresh green beans — a typical Sargeanto menu. A cake magically appeared and so did ice cream made in an Oregon factory.

The kids assembled. And their kids as well.

Sydney (almost 5) ~ Aarron (11) ~ Logan (11) ~ August (7 months)
~ Khloe (16 months) ~ Liam (3)

Once and always a daddy's girl.

Ain't nothing but a G-thing, baby ...


Liam 'n Augusts NanaSu said...

What wonderful pictures of the whole family! I especially like the one of your mom, wearing the DG beanie!

Missy said...

Great photos! You captured the mood didn't you?!
Your dad reminds me of mine in so many ways.
I think I'm going to start flippin my candles around too!

Grammie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. Michael's aunt Bess said she was turning 18, on her 81st birthday. I finally get to see the beanie on you. Looks good.