Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon madness

The 33-year-old stood in the cold with mostly young girls wearing official Twilight gear thinking: this freakin' movie better live up to the hype.

The movie was OK, mostly over-the-top, but fun to see at midnight nonetheless. I've read the books and enjoy the overall romance of the series, but I wouldn't classify myself as a crazed super fan. I feel mostly dorky for even reading novels meant for chaste 13-year-olds. Seeing the next installment on the big screen meant that I could escape the confines of motherhood for several magical hours AT NIGHT, and hang out with some of my girls. It was fun.

Here I am in a shirt I made for the occasion. I'm not truly obsessed or I'd own an Edward and Bella doll. But I may or may not have the king-sized Twilight sheets.

Dinner before the movie.

Waiting outside, where I kept eyeballing my sister's Starbucks.

Waiting for the cheese-fest to start. We laughed so hard at a few scenes. I think I snorted at one point.


Grammie said...

You're so funny. Amanda and Hannah will be seeing it either tommorrow night or Monday while I'm at work. Some sisterly bonding for them as well. I can wait till it comes out on video. I've finally gotten to the last book, about halfway through it, I'll be glad when I'm done Bella is a needy fruitcake.

Liam 'n Augusts NanaSu said...

I was one of the crazy's out at midnight too! I didn't wear any gear though - We stood in line for 3 hours to get in to see Twilight so we could get good seats. Glad they were showing New Moon on two screens and since Sandi is disabled we sat in the best seats in the house, right at the top right in the middle. Yee Haw! I need to re-read Eclipse now.

Missy said...

I have no interest in the books or movies but then again, I have fried brains most days and can't pick up my knitting needles either. Brock wants to read the books though. And I will only make fun of him a little bit...
Glad you had a night out and enjoyed yourself!