Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Batman and Superbaby

At first the blond boy refused to put on the costume. Then Superbaby swooped in all hero-like and suddenly it was cool to don the cape.

The hero posse then attended the much-overrated church carnival, where many a lame gory get-up lurked. Batman waited to pounce on a bouncy slide three times only to decide the treachery was just too much to bear.

Then a pirate girl joined the fun.

After awhile the superheroes grew tired of the masses and started for home in their hybrid-mobile.

Once safely home, Superbaby and Batman went trick-or-treating down the lane. At one house where teenagers frolicked Batman was invited in to the party — he politely declined. "Thank you. Bye-bye."

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Grammie said...

How fun! They are so cute. Your hair is really long, I'm getting ready to cut some of mine off. This is a weird thing to notice, but in the picture of the boys with Sidney, the phantom hands (David)holding Gus, look exactly like Michael's hands. It's not someting I see everytime I look at David's hands, but in this particular picture especially his left hand with his wedding band, I've seen it so many times with Michael and the girls, and probably pictures of him w/David as a baby.