Friday, September 18, 2009


Last week signaled a few "firsts" worth mentioning.

1. August started eating purees. The kid was starving and one day just flat out said, "Listen lady, I really need some sweet potatoes." Here he is awaiting another gourmet lunch courtesy of Gerber.

2. My mom and dad went on whirlwind Harley trip to the Pacific Northwest. In this picture my dad and uncle make their way from Astoria, Ore., toward Washington state. I believe this is the Columbia River.

3. My little man rolled over on to his back — AND I ACTUALLY GOT TO WITNESS IT! I didn't get to see Liam do this because I was already back to work full time. I was speechless so we took a picture to commemorate.


Missy said...

Go August! Pretty soon he'll snag the spoon...

I'm so happy you get to stay home and witness all of these "firsts" and I really wish more moms were able to do this also. They are only this little once!
My dad went and bought a Harley too. He's only taken a few trips to the coast but he's talked about a trip up North.

Liam 'n Augusts NanaSu said...

He's just as cute as can be!