Saturday, May 9, 2009

29 months: Zen and the art of toddler maintenance

Dear Liam,

Two universal truths we have learned in recent months: 1) It's not easy having the most active kid on the block. 2) It's not easy having the smartest kid on the block. It's true that every parent likes to think their kid is truly exceptional in the smarts department, and I'm no different, but sometimes thinking and actually having are two separate things. I have a smart kid and you'll be surpassing my pursuits I'm sure. Heck, you already are, even at age 2. 

All kids are curious by nature — exploring their worlds, getting into stuff they're not supposed to — but you take this to a whole new level. Combine this natural curiosity and brain power and POOF ... a Liam is born. Some kids get into cleaners, potions and chemicals for household tasks, sometimes taste-testing the goods before a crazed mom comes running in to stop them. This is not you. You know exactly what said potions are for and begin to go to work. Comet? No problem ... you'll start sprinkling it in the sink or in the toilet. Liquid hand soap? You'll be obliged to pump several squirts into your hands and rub. Although, when you get into my face creams and makeup, you tend to just paint the counters or mirror. Once or twice I've seen you grab a blush brush and swipe your cheeks. 

Your observations and logic astound your dad and me. We're glad you're so heady, but sometimes wish you'd slow down so we can catch our breath. 

Case in point. We've started to get you acquainted with potty training. It's going OK. You know what the potty is and will sit on it and carry it around, but that's about it. You're constantly pulling at your diaper and/or pull-up, and sometimes we'll find you completely stripped down, running amok. So yesterday I was trying to make dinner and you decide that being naked sounded like fun. To make it that much more fun, you decided to escape through the french doors in our bedroom and frolic in the backyard. I'm 9 months pregnant in lounge wear minus a bra chasing a wild banshee boy as a gaggle of youngish golfers waiting to tee off look on. Oh, what fun! 

All this energy envelops you, even on outings. You talk to strangers — in stores, at the drive-through, car wash, even at stop lights. People seem drawn to you. Sometimes, I'm not in the mood to carry on a chat, but you always seem to be. And you're so happy, and smile a lot. But, with that said, you've started to "test" our mettle with an occasional fit. I was notorious for my fit-throwing and I believe you're following in my footsteps. Hopefully, you'll outgrow them like I did (for the most part). I have THE worst temper and it takes work to keep it under control. 

Baby G is due to arrive any day now and I'm wondering how everything will go down. You're going to be a big brother and I'm so excited. Let's see if you will be too.


Grammie said...

Liam is so cute. I know when you were chasing him around the backyard you weren't thinking that but he really is. It will be exciting to see how smart Baby G will be, I can't wait. Oh, the picture with the aviator glasses is sooo cute.

Missy said...

That last photo is adorable!
He is one smart boy and active...actually active is an understatement!

Remember: God doesn't give us more than we can handle!
Maybe baby G will be a quiet little mellow kiddo!

Liam's Nana Su said...

These are the most precious moments. It's like I am going back 33 years watching David do the same things (although he liked tasting the roach poison, battery acid, get the idea!) I remember one time when Alan and Gail watched David, and they took him into a toystore in Valley Plaza. When they walked out he threw a FIT - screaming and kicking. The reason? I always bought him a little toy when we went and they didn't. Oy vey, it starts early!

Amanda said...

o my goodness what a cuite patutie!!!