Saturday, October 11, 2008

21 months — Pen & Puzzle Man

Dear Liam,

Toys don't seem to interest you these days. Occasionally you'll erect these enormous avant-garde tower things with blocks, or play with your cars, but most of the other "kiddie" toys sit lonely in your box. Although, you seem to have a special place in your heart for your farmhouse. The other day I had to move it from the fireplace so you could put together your wooden puzzles and you balked at this notion. But I moved it to the other side of room anyway, thinking you were just being overprotective. I left you to your puzzles and walked in the other room and the next thing I know you're carting that farmhouse back over to the fireplace. You methodically flipped it over on its side in front of the bricks, then proceeded to sit on it to begin your puzzling. Your little mind amazes me.

But I'm not the only one wowed by your pursuits. Your Nana Shirl was agog one night as she watched you tackle a puzzle meant for 3-year-olds and up. You don't do the typical "let's see if this piece matches this space" method — but rather, you examine a piece then examine the board and make the appropriate match every time. And you've been doing this for a while now. If only you would start using your words more ...

You have your own crayons and squeal with excitement when I roll out the rice paper for you. But on more than one occasion you've found the stash of Crayolas and decided they made for nice snacks. Blue and red — you seem to enjoy. You're so fast at climbing now that it only takes me turning my back for you to conquer the kitchen table, counters, hallway cabinets and desk. I found you merrily scribbling on the computer screen with a green crayon the other day. And yes, the crayons were put up in the desk, but you knew exactly where they were.

A Picasso with the average black ink pen. Only instead of paper, you drew all over your legs and feet, then pointed to the drawings and said, "Uncle, uncle ..." I think your Uncle Shawn's tattoos have had an impression on you.

"Shrek" is no longer on continuous play. You're obsessed with "Wow, Wow Wubbzy" now. It's about the only time you'll sit still. The show is all about problem-solving, maybe that is what's been indoctrinating you. Also, you hate "The View" — you're probably not alone on this, but sometimes I want to watch it and you won't have it. To distract me, you crawl on me, start shouting and mess with the water spout in the fridge door. I plead with you and all I get is laughter. I think you may do the same to your daddy when he tries to watch "Cops."

You were mistaken for a girl for the first time the other day. I was paying a bill and the lady said, "Oh, she's so adorable." I think your long locks had something to do with it. So your daddy and me have decided to get it cut. I'm afraid you'll turn into a 5-year-old though.



Grammie said...

It really makes you wonder just exactly what is going on in their little minds, when they move from one activity (that they have dreamed up) to the next without saying a word. And another thing, what is it with Dad's and the show "Cops"???

Missy Wiggins said...

Stop reminding me that our guys will soon be big bad two year olds! I'm not surprised he's a little smarty pants either. Look who his parents are...

Remy makes his crayons into little colorful wax drum sticks and puzzle pieces are for throwing across the room.
My oh my they are growing.