Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Calling all brunettes

As you know I've been on a NO CHEMICAL kick lately — obsessed with vinegar, going shampoo free and eating organically. So, naturally when I overhear a co-worker rattle off something about reusing coffee grounds on her hair I immediately start thinking of when I will conduct my own experiment! One problem ... I didn't get the proper instructions beforehand.

Fast-forward two days: I'm standing in the shower, the entire upper half of my body caked in Folgers — and I can't rinse the darn stuff out of my hair. After awhile, I give up and use a towel to get the rest off. I was so frustrated by the coffee grounds clinging to my arms that I forgot to rinse out the shower.

"What the hell!" husband says. Whoops.

"You have a kookie wife ..." I say. It smelled really good in there though.

Apparently using the coffee grounds on brunette hair adds depth and shine — if you do it right. I'm plagued with the thickest hair in the West, making removal next to impossible. But my hair did look a bit darker and had instant shine. So if you're low on funds or just looking to give your locks oomph, Folgers can help. Also, the coffee acted like a body scrub, leaving my skin very soft.

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Missy Wiggins said...

Wow! I've heard about using the grounds for compost but never on hair...
My husband will think I am kooky as well :)

Grammie said...

Do you think if you brewed the coffee, or used the coffee left in the pot after it cools off and you don't want to warm up and drink would work as well? Just a thought.