Monday, August 18, 2008

If I could knit, I would have ...

This has been the most productive day off I've had in awhile — I even got to sleep in. Woke up, chugged Foldgers/half n half and unloaded then loaded the dishwasher while Liam kicked it with colby-jack cheese and Ritz in his highchair. Once David woke up from a nap we piled into the car and headed to the bookstore. They didn't have my No. 1 choice so we drove around for a while. I dropped the boys off at home and went to the pet supply store. Talk about a bunch of useless crap. Dogs should not wear clothes. Once home it was time to bathe the dogs. Bigger dog easy-peezy; little dog a cluster fugazzi. But at least they smell fresh and not like dog.

Then we had breakfast for dinner, something I love to do. Some of the best childhood memories I have come from breakfast for dinner nights. Tonight we just had pancakes — the boy's fav. Not to brag, but I fancy myself to be somewhat of a pancake savant. Perfect thickness, perfect color, just the right amount of butter in the pan. If my job gets outsourced to India I think I'll go after a gig as a short-order cook whose sole purpose is make the fluffiest flapjacks in town.

After breakfast for dinner the pooches were dry enough for what we like to call beauty parlor. They don't mind getting brushed, in fact, I think they like it better than getting pet. After sweeping up all the fur/hair from the patio I decided to tackle the dog room. I swept, organized and wiped down the entire room. After all that I was the one who needed a bath.

Even though my day was packed with activities, my mind never stopped. Here's a sampling of random thoughts that came and went throughout the day:

1. Why does David use a different cup or glass anytime he drinks something. Just rinse the one you used before. He has some unfounded phobia about bacteria ...

2. Pregnant girl holding sign on side of road in 100-degree heat needs a brain. Oh, and her baby should be raised by someone else.

3. I wish I liked ice cream more so that a trip to Dewar's wasn't an obscure outing.

4. The eastside mountains were visible today, air must be semi-nondangerous to inhale.

5. Bookstores missing the specific book you go there for are ridiculous.


Missy Wiggins said...

#1 I agree. Brock uses the same glass for as long as I let him.
#2 That chick. I saw her too. She kept placing the sign on her belly and wiping tears and I wanted to tell her loads of stuff, mainly that she could be getting prenatal care and food stamps. But it looks as though she is hungry for something else...not food.
I am still praying the pregnant belly is fake.

Glad you were productive yesterday. Those days feel nice.

Amanda said...

take a look at the popsicle face Liam pictures i have up! what a little cutie you've got on your hands there!