Tuesday, July 29, 2008

19 months: Liam, aka Charlie Chaplin

Dear Liam,
So, you got kicked out of the gym dare care last week ... ON YOUR FIRST DAY! Like a puppy, we're trying to socialize you more and for the most part you're it handling very well. You hang with with a few kids at the church nursery so we thought a gaggle of gym kids wouldn't be that much different. You picked up a ball and handed it to a little girl in the first five minutes. (Nevermind you pinched that same little girl, prompting your ejection.) I was that mom, taking the walk of shame after the loud speaker called my name. But my first inclination was that you got hurt not that you were on a tear. I don't particularly approve of the place. All ages mixed in together? It's a lawsuit waiting to happen. You're very coordinated for your age, but I still worry about a crazy 7-year-old body slamming you. What's more, we were there during prime mommy workout time so the place was overrun with little people. Maybe we'll just start taking you to the dog park.

Eye teeth. These, by far, have been the worst in the teething hierarchy. Your pointy chompers are taking their sweet time to come in, so you've been a major grouch. You were running a fever a couple of days ago and content to just sprawl on the couch. It's hard to see you hurting. You were better today, though. You watched "Mad Men" with me, and I was glad I didn't have to see or hear Moose A Moose for a couple of hours. At dinner you gobbled up a huge bowl of broccoli florets and butter, had a few dried strawberries, but threw everything else off your tray. Each time you do this I launch into statistics about rising food costs and starving children in Haiti — you merely flash American earnestness. You're still young ...

In other news: Daddy gave back your bink during the dreaded teething episode and now you won't give it up. We had successfully taken it away a few weeks ago, only letting you imbibe at bed time. Without the bink you became more vocal, but you're still not saying a ton of stuff. You DO, more than you SAY. Funny expressions and physical comedy. You're my baby Charlie Chaplin.