Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My very own Magnum P.I.

I believe one of the most important relationships of a person's life is the one they have with their father. Those who never know theirs or who have become estranged may feel the effects forever. I am not one of those people. I'm what you would call a quintessential daddy's girl.

My pops didn't always look like Santa Claus. No, at one time he was dashing and bold. Well, still is bold, but you know what I mean. I remember helping him wash his Chevy Luv under our mulberry tree and sipping Dr. Pepper in our overstocked garage while oldies blared on a small radio. Sometimes we'd go eat breakfast at Corky's on Niles Street. Dad always could talk to anyone, anywhere.

Being the willful child that I was, on a Disneyland trip he would let me hold his pinkie instead of his hand. Mom never allowed this, but holding Dad's pinkie was just as safe, I assure you. A papa hawk ... he was always present where us kids were concerned.

When I was in labor people were milling in and out of the room all day and I was trying to sleep because I had been up all night. I told them I was OK, just wanted to sleep, but when I came to feeling really nauseous and looked to my right no one was there. Where the hell had everyone gone? I needed them there now (labor makes you insane). A frantic but in-slow-motion look to my left made the insanity melt away. There was my dad standing close by the bed. He had stayed, watching me sleep while the others were out. I've never felt unsafe in this world — because my dad wouldn't stand for it.

Thank you, Dad. My love for you is endless.


Missy Wiggins said...

Geesh. You made me cry early bird tears today :)
Your dad seems like mine in some ways.
The "pinkie thing" is cute.
We are lucky to have our fathers in our lives. I have several girl cousins (all from the same Father, my Uncle) and they haven't had the needed guidance in their lives and it shows in some of their decisions. Fathers are vital in many ways and it is a shame so many of them aren't aware of the impact of not being around.

Grammie said...

Ohh, that was so touching I cried, what is it about daddy's and their little girls. Mine has been gone half my life. My girls have never known their Grandad, which is as sad to me as the fact that "I" haven't seen him in 23 years. One of my favorite lines in Grease, Frenchie says, "The only man a girl can count on is her daddy".

Sue said...

You are so blessed and lucky. I have longed and dreamed of a dad like yours. Thanks for sharing.pkhmuh