Monday, May 26, 2008

Step away from the red pepper flakes!

So, I finally made the sesame noodle recipe. I'm sort of obsessed with Japanese soba noodles now. I found mine at World Market, although I've seen them before in Albertsons' ethnic section. I can't recall if Trader Joe's has them — too busy worrying about getting plowed over by a manic yuppy. I pretty much followed the recipe, but I did give the peppers, tofu a light saute, and I omitted the cucumbers because David isn't a fan. The dish turned out lovely except for one minor problem. IT WAS HOT AS HELL. It calls for one teaspoon of red pepper flakes, but you're also using a tablespoon of ginger and some garlic and perhaps the combo of those spicy ingredients was just too much for the poor soba to absorb. Or maybe I'm just a whimpy white girl who don't know jack. If you make it, I would scale back on the flakes.