Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The six W's

Why do I still have a gazillion lemons after giving bags and bags away? And why, for that matter, is citrus season not in the summer when people like to sip on margaritas and lemonade? Lemons are like lobsters — treasured until they infiltrate your life.

Why do I deserve a man who cooks meals like this? I don't eat a lot of red meat, but when I do, I like to gnash on filet mignon. J'adore, mon chere. J'adore.

Why do you suppose a 15-month-old who runs to his highchair in anticipation to "feeeeeeet" would fall asleep during a meal? Must have been the velvety filet mignon. (Same night).

Why oh why did I have to inherit my beloved granny's non-existant lips? And why does my nose look enormous here? This is why I take the pictures, not pose in them.

Why does this kid turn into a Tasmanian devil when I leave the room for two seconds? Kleenex, score!

Why do boys sweat when they sleep?


missy wiggins said...

you know i will always take lemons off your hands...

i can't believe how fast your little one is and i think his skills rubbed off on remy because he seems a little more willing to climb nowadays.

thanks also for that yummy lasagna.

we always have fun hanging out with you and your family :)

Keely said...

We have a TON of lemons as well.

Zoe is all about the kleenex right now. Drives me bonkers.

Maybe we should get all three of our families together? Imagine the fun! :)