Monday, February 18, 2008

Taco salad el gringo

I'm not the resident chef at mi casa. That'd be my fantastically talented husband. But on my days off I try to come up with something. It's usually meatless, to the chagrin of David. I'm fairly competent with the carbs — my arch nemesis. Me and carbs, we're like *that* (me crossing my fingers to show our tightness).

Monday's concoction was no different. Vegetarians could be heard applauding ...

reduced fat corn chips
pinto beans
reduced fat sharp cheddar
homegrown avocados (from a priest's garden)
organic tomatoes
black olives
reduced fat sour cream
sprinkle of day-off mojo

1 comment:

missy wiggins said...

you've got an inner chef in there. you must know this?

i can still taste those lemon-sprinkled avocado chunks you prepared for the taco dinner at your place.